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Oneonta Middle School Guidance & Counseling ~ Grades 6, 7 & 8

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Counseling Office Hours

Monday-Friday 8:00am-3:00pm For your convenience, please schedule conferences. Email: Office: 205-625-5259









To log into INOW from home is different than login at school.

Here are the directions:

·  Go to

 ·  Go to the middle square “Schools” and click on “Oneonta Middle School”

 ·  Click on the STI Home Portal on the top left corner – this should take you to a dialogue box to access INOW

 Enter the following:

           User name: ocsparent

           Password: parent

                    Click ‘OK’

 ·  You should be on the INOW webpage

 User Name: Student’s INOW user name (obtained during counseling class)

 Password:   (6th Grade) 

                     (7th Grade)

                     (8th Grade)

 ·  Go to the Menu on the left, under student information, click on ‘Grades’ and see current grades.

 ·  Go to Reports, click on ‘Comprehensive Progress’, adjust the quarter to current time, click on view reports, and see detailed grades for homework, tests, quizzes…

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2. 2019-20 Registration


Click on the "Presentations" title to find out specific information on course offerings for: 
Rising 6th
Rising 7th & 8th
Rising 9th
  • The "Registration Forms" will be handed out to the students during class counseling sessions.
  • Go to "Forms" to download registration forms or check out Advanced Placement Guidelines.
  • A Parent Night Orientation is scheduled in the auditorium to review process of course selections. If parents are not able to attend then go to the "Presentations" section to check out the information.
  • For School Supplies: Check "School Staff" section and "Latest News"
  • Rising 6th graders must present 2 proof of address: 1) Copy of Utility bill and 2) Copy of lease or mortgage of residence. These two documents must be presented to the middle school office before obtaining the class schedule. There is no need for these documentations if student is out of district. 
  • 2019-20 Schedules Pick Up: July 24 & 25, 2019
  • New Students registration: July 9, 2019
  • Open House: August 6, 2019
  • First Day of School: August 8, 2019



3. Study Skills

Use these websites to study for vocabularies: - Effective Study Skills - Effective Habits for Effective Study - Understanding Your Learning Preferences – How to Get Motivated to Study
Online tutoring

Check out the link below: it is an article about 10 ways your student can connect online to receive free tutoring.


This is the official homework help website supported by Alabama State Department of Education.

This link is highly recommended as well but there is a membership fee.

DUKE TIP Section

This link will take you to the Duke Tip grades 4 , 5 & 6.

If you have received a nomination letter from the school, you can use the provided application and submit or simply use this link to apply online.

The purpose of the application is to become affiliated with Duke Tip and the available priviledges.

Through Duke Tip you are given an opportunity to take the ACT Explore.


Using this website you can apply online instead of using the hard copy application.

When you are nominated in 7th grade, you have a chance to take The ACT.

This is an awesome opportunity to find out how you compare to high school students. Do not be discouraged that you have not covered all high school material, the experience itself is great because it reduces the test anxiety and the next time around when you are prepared you will be able to focus on the test.

Take advantage of the website and learn more how you can be involved in attending summer educational camps and workshop. This is where you discover your strengths, likes and interests and build on your skills. So you can make future decisions and wise college decisions.



6. Helpful Websites

Counseling Websites


Section 504


Cyberbullying and sexting


How to report a bullying incident at OCS (Click and follow the link)

Antibullying Presentations (Click and follow the link)



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This is the official ACT website link.

It is never wrong to take The ACT in middle school and obtain the real experience of the test.

You can take it as early as in 7th grade. The more you take the test, the more you become familiar with the test and this experience reduces test anxiety.

The best year to take The ACT is at the end of grade 10 or anytime during 11th grade.

However, you can take The ACT up to 12 times!!!



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8. College Preparation

GETTING READY FOR COLLEGE                   

8TH Grade Year

Ø  Take the Kuder Navigator Career Assessment and explore the website for job description, education, training, salary and job outlook

Ø  Access Kuder Career Assessment at home and discuss results with parents and available options

Ø  Talk to friends and family about careers and possible school choices.

Ø  In preparing for 9th, consult with your middle school guidance counselor to find out which courses you should take that will qualify you to attend certain colleges and/or enter certain career fields.

Ø  Discuss your financial situation with your parents to see how they can assist you in paying for your education, Work together to establish a savings plan in which you can participate.


Freshman Year

Ø  Build a flexible schedule allowing for study time, extracurricular activities, and your other interests. Use a daytimer, calendar or electronic organizer to help you get organized.

Ø  Get involved only in extracurricular activities that you have a genuine interest in and those to which you are willing to make the necessary time commitment.

Ø  Make a four-year schedule of classes that increases your eligibility to attend the college of your choice.

Ø  Start developing a resume by keeping a scrapbook of your accomplishments including articles about yourself.

Ø  Take your parents with you to talk to your counselor about your interests, post-secondary possibilities, and career information. Learn about financial aid from your school counselor.

Ø  Find out about summer jobs and how to gain the skills necessary to obtain one. Look into volunteer opportunities that will expand your experience and skills.

Ø  Jobshadowing someone with a job of your interest is highly recommended.


Sophomore Year

Ø  Visit the guidance department and explore college catalogs and other college materials including financial aid information. Visit to visit colleges online.

Ø  Re-evaluate your high school course selection to make sure it meets college requirements.

Ø  Try to complete most of your academic requirements by your junior year.

Ø  Take the PSAT (optional), it may qualify you for certain scholarships.

Ø  The ACT PLAN is offered in October at OHS to prepare you for college entrance exams.

Ø  To access interest inventories; go to the school’s website, to discover which career(s) might be a match for you.

Ø  If pursuing athletics, check out NCAA requirements.

Ø  Continue to make good grades that add up to a 3.0 GPA or higher.


Junior Year


For the Fall…

Ø  Take the PSAT in October to establish eligibility for some scholarships. This is the year you can qualify for National Merit Scholarship Program.

Ø  Take ACT/SAT test prep workshops to enhance your scores. Scholarships are available for certain composite scores and with workshops you can increase your chance by two or more points.

Ø  Attend sessions with college representatives who visit your high school. You may find it helpful to visit local college fairs.

Ø  Develop a list of possible post-secondary schools. can help you learn more about schools and link you to each college website where you can request literature and applications. Talk with an admissions representative to determine if there are any institutional scholarships for which you could apply.

Ø  Begin researching private sources of financial aid such as scholarships. Request financial aid bulletins from all potential schools. You can estimate the costs for each school and begin identifying ways to meet them by visiting the school’s website under “Counselors’ Corner” and click on “Forms”.


For the Spring…

Ø  Take the SAT/ACT. Check with your intended college(s) about which standardized test they prefer.

Ø  Begin narrowing your choices for post-secondary schools. Schedule campus visits. Visit colleges online via Consider an overnight trip that would allow for you to get a feel for what life is like on that particular campus.

Ø  Now is the time to check with your counselor, libraries, community organizations, and student outreach services for the names and addresses of possible scholarship sources. Keep records of anyone you speak with concerning grants or scholarships.

Ø  Start developing portfolios, audition tapes, writing samples, or other evidence of talents required for college admission and/or for scholarships.

Ø  If you plan to play sports in college, write to college coaches at your target schools. Include a schedule of your athletic events for the upcoming year. Register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse. Develop a resume of your sports accomplishments including a highlight tape and relevant articles about your successes.


For the Summer…

Ø  Practice writing online applications, filling out rough drafts, without submitting them.

Ø  Review applications, especially the essays. Ask others to proof the essay for any grammar, content or punctuation errors. Read all college mail and send reply cards back to schools of interest.

Ø  Apply for those scholarships whose deadlines are in the fall. You may be too busy once school starts.


Now that YOU are a SENIOR…

Ø  Meet with your counselor on a regular basis to understand all procedures of college applications. Check out deadlines for submitting college application in a timely fashion, after your counselor visits your senior class to discuss the college process.

Ø  Use a tracking system to follow up on all colleges you have already applied to.

Ø  Check out scholarships related to the colleges of your interest and local scholarships as well.

Ø  Parents can attend “College Prep for Parents” presentation in the high school auditorium during Open House and Parent Day.

Ø  Visit the school website Counselors’ Corner regularly for updated information on testing, colleges, scholarships, etc.

Continue to perform at your best academically!         

Educational Planning! (Click and follow the link)
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9. Career Planning

Use this link to start a career portfolio and take career assessments to better understand your course choices.

The Kuder Career Assessment is utilized in grades 6, 7 & 8 to guide the students in their career choices.

As parents you can create your own account and follow up on your student's career portfolio.

Find the presentation on Career planning on my website and follow instructions on how you can establish a parent kuder account. or for career outlook before you choose your major in college!

Parent Career Presentation (click and follow the link to locate the presentation)