Subjects Taught
English 7, Honors English 7, Journalism 7


I received my bachelor's degree from Birmingham Southern College in 1980. In 1985, my Master's degree  was completed at UAB. I have earned continuing education hours from several Universities over the years, including Auburn, the University of Alabama, and Livingston University.


Fall 1980- Spring 1989: Hayden Elementary- 4th Grade (Self-contained)

Fall 1989-Spring 1998: Hayden Middle School - 6th Grade Science

Fall 1998-Spring 2005: Blountsville Elementary School- 6th Grade Reading, Social Studies, and Math

Fall 2005- Present: Oneonta High School- English Language Arts


Born on November 22nd, just days after a tornado caused major destruction in Blount County, I've been told  that the tornado  foreshadowed my arrival. My parents, Hugh and Ruby O'Shields, lived in Cleveland at the time. Both were teachers at Cleveland High School. My brother, Hugh Jr. (Hubo), was added to the O'Shields clan thirteen months later. Both my mom and dad transferred to Oneonta High School in the late sixties, so my brother and I moved to Oneonta Elementary School as well. 

After graduating from OHS in 1976, I attended Jacksonville State University, then transferred to Birmingham Southern College where I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in 1980. My Master's Degree was completed at UAB in 1985. I began my teaching career in the Blount County School System at Hayden Elementary/Middle School where I taught for 18 years. The next seven years were spent at Blountsville Elementary where I taught sixth grade. The 2005-2006 school year was my first at OHS. It feels great to be home!

My greatest joy is my family which consists of my husband, Joseph, and our children Breandan, Ryan, Karhma (Anthony), and our grandchildren  Jude (6) and Scarlett (4). We live on top of BerryMoutain in the Rosa community with two very spoiled cats (Onyx and Cupid) and two dogs (Sanchez and Shaw). Karhma and Anthony are both teachers in Georgia, Ryan lives in Royal on family property, and Breandan will be a sophomore at Jacksonville State University in the fall.       

People often ask about my parents and brother since many OHS graduates remember them from OHS "back in the day." Mom is doing well and is still living in Cleveland. Dad passed away in January of 2007. Hubo is an internal medicine specialist at St. Vincent's Hospital and at the new clinic in Locust Fork.He has four children: Andy(18), Jake (20), Rory (22) and Britton (24). All three boys are students at UA Tuscaloosa and Britton will begin Law School this fall.

My husband Joseph spends his days writing and managing the family businesses, Fifth Estate Publishing and American Bail Bonding. He also continues to teach Shensei Hapkido classes at our home with the help of Breandan, who earned his black belt last year. Breandan is also an instructor for the Mixed Martial Arts Club at Jax State.

 In our spare time we enjoy spending time with friends and family and sometimes, when life seems to move too fast, we love to get away from it all in the mountains, go snorkeling in the Caribbean, or just travel to new places.